Moving Tips

Make a list

This is something we include in our quote sheet, we will go through and note down all of the furniture and items you would like to move. We will provide you with a paper copy and a copy via email, this is to make sure nothing is missed and provide you with an in depth and accurate quote.

Have plenty of supplies

Boxes and Bags? We can provide boxes upon request, lots of customers use bags for smaller items. We advise to use boxes if possible which helps us when stacking the van, this means we can fit the maximum amount in one trip which will ultimately bring down the price of the job and save you money!

Label your boxes

Lots of furniture is easy to determine what room it will go into at your new property, boxes on the other hand can get mixed up and it can become frustrating if all your boxes are in the wrong rooms. We advise all customers to use a marker pen or colour coded stickers to make sure each box lands in the correct room.

Protect your fragile items

If you have a range of fragile items we would highly encourage you to use lots of blankets and bubble wrap when possible, we regularly carry a large stock of blankets and bungee ties to secure large and fragile items. Every removal firm should provide on all jobs.

Check your list

After a full house move it can be easy for customers to lose track of items and boxes, we always recommend for our customers to check the van and go through our moving checklist to make sure no items have been left behind or missed. 

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